Coalition Statement on Tunisia’s Expulsion of Migrants


Statement by members of HIC in Sub-Saharan Africa

We express here our great surprise and sadness following the forced expulsions of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa by the state of Tunisia, an aberration and a notorious inconsistency in the commitments of the African Union denounce. We express our solidarity and support to our brothers and sisters, especially women, girls and children who have suffered such a great damage in this operation. We salute the diligence of the high authorities who have taken this situation in hand to remedy the different concerns, especially the states of Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea Conakry and Mali, which are the most affected.

We call on the African Union to discuss and initiate actions to remedy this situation as soon as possible. We also call on the African Union to urgently dialogue with Tunisian authorities to stop the expulsions and offer appropriate reparations to those affected.

Lastly, we salute the maturity of the citizens of the sub-Saharan African region who have remained wise without a spirit of revenge on Tunisian citizens, businesses, and investments in their countries. While hoping for an adequate handling of this issue by the African institutions, we call upon the citizens across the continent/Sub-Saharan Africa to show their support to our affected brothers and sisters in this call for action.