COHRE Housing Rights Awards. Nominations and Selection Criteria



In this spirit, COHRE presents three types of Housing Rights Awards annually.

VIOLATOR AWARDS (x3) The COHRE Housing Rights Violator Awards are presented to governments or other public institutions that have committed persistent and unjustifiable housing rights violations in the recent past, in clear contravention of international human rights law and related standards. The Violator Awards are designed to draw attention to some of the world’s worst housing rights abuses.

PROTECTOR AWARD (x1) The COHRE Housing Rights Protector Award is presented to a government or other public institution that has shown an exceptional commitment to the protection and fulfilment of housing rights. This Award is given to demonstrate that housing rights can be enforced when the political will to do so is genuinely applied towards protecting human rights and safeguarding human dignity.

DEFENDER AWARD (x1) The COHRE Housing Rights Defender Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in defence of housing rights and who promotes the realisation of housing rights for all. Nominees for the Award should be committed to non-violence and be independent of any political party or government affiliation.

COHRE welcomes nomination for each of the three awards from any person or institution wishing to submit them. A panel of housing rights experts, comprised of COHRE Staff and Board members, carefully reviews each nomination and selects the recipient for each Award on the basis of agreed selection criteria (see below).

Those wishing to make a nomination should read the information in this section of the website, before downloading (see below) and completing a Nomination Form and sending it to

For read the document announcing the call for nominations in French, Portugeuse and Spanish, please visit COHRE website