Communiqué: Attack of Sousse


27June 2015


Blind, despicable terrorism has
struck again in Tunisia, Friday 26 June, targeting the stability and the
economy of the country, and bringing a heavy toll: 38 people dead and about 36
injured from, both foreign and Tunisian nationalities.

In the light of this terrible

·The Committee for the Respect of Liberties and Human Rights in Tunisia
expresses its deepest sympathy to the victims’ families and hopes
wholeheartedly for a speedy recovery to those who are injured;

·It would like to stress that this bloody attack
occurringafter that of Bardo (March 2015)is another
episode in the terrorists’ strategy that aims to destroy the economy of the
country and jeopardize its security;

·It draws attention to the still-existing incubators of terror in the
country, such as uncontrolled mosques, so-called educational institutions,
religious associations, social network sites…

·It calls on all civil society organizations, associations, political
parties and workers’ unions to demonstrate more sense of responsibility , to
raise above partisan and sectoral interests and build a national momentum in
the fight against terrorism ; a scourge that threatens both the present and the
future of the country;

·It calls, also, on the democratic forces throughout the world to stand
with Tunisia and support its combat to eradicate terrorism and achieve the
people’s aspiration to freedom, democracy and justice.

The Committee for the Respect of
Liberties and Human Rights in Tunisia