Constitution of the Electoral Committee for Election of the Europe Representative at the HIC Board


HIC is pleased to announce that, according to the requirements of the HIC Constitution and By Law, the Electoral Committee (EC) for the Election of the Europe Representative 2023-2027 at the HIC Board has been successfully set up.

The EC is set up with 3 volunteers, representatives of HIC Members from the Europe region:

– Mr. Yiorgos Papamanousakis (email), World Habitat, United Kingdom (Coordinator)
– Mrs. Pascale Thys (email) , Habitat et Participation, Belgium
– Mr. Erik Berg (email), Habitat Norway, Norway

In case you need to contact the EC Members, please use all their personal emails and copy to the EC mailbox:

The EC will be supported, during the whole process by marie, HIC-GS Membership Coordinator.

The Guide to the Election Process which fully describes the requirements and important steps of the process. It also contains a description of the tasks and responsibilities of the regional Representatives at the Board, as well as the different ways to update or activate the membership in order to fully participate in this process and to elect the representative and his/her alternate.
This Guidelines, prepared by the HIC-GS, and reviewed and approved by the EC, should be considered as a mark of guidance to facilitate the work of the EC.

We remind you that, according to the requirements of the HIC Constitution and Bylaws, only Member organisations in good standing have the right to nominate candidates, to be nominated and to vote. To vote for your candidates, the deadline to pay your annual membership fees is the 1 May or the deadline to send your list of in-kind contributions is the 28 April. However, to participate in nominations, you must be in good standing before the 20 March 2023. You still have time to activate or renew your membership with the HIC-GS.

Other documents of interest:

If, after reading all the documents, you still have questions regarding how to activate or renew your membership, feel free to contact marie.

We look forward to your participation!