Document: Dwelling Resources in South America, Architectural Design 8, August 1963 – John F C Turner


Dwelling Resources in South America, 

Architectural Design 8, August 1963

Describing the problems that face South American countries in the field
of housing: problems made daily more acute by population increases and
movements causing an ‘urban explosion’ whose only precedent is that suffered by
Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century.

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Cover and preface

Village artisan’s self – build house
   Courtesy Patrick W Crooke

The scope of the problem

Urbanisation case history in Peru
   Courtesy William Mangin

Government aided rural housing

Mass urban re-housing problems

Lima barriadas today

Barriada integration and development
    With acknowledgement to Margaret Grenfell

Minimal government-aided settlements

Co-operative housing project

Evolution of a government housing agency

Aided housing in a new industrial city

   Courtesies to Kitty Wilson Turner and Pat Crooke

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