Egypt – Draft law to control relation between the landlord and the leaseholder


The Egyptian Center for Housing Rights is preparing now a draft law which is parallel to the proposed law prepared by the Egyptian government to control the relation between the landlord and the leaseholder, as this law is extremely in landlords interest not the leaseholders. We would like you to send us all the information and the experiences applied in other countries in order to help us in forming this Law, ESPECIALLY in those subjects:

1- How to determine the amount of rent (that varies from one area to another).
2- How to determine the amount of rent according to the individuals income, especially for those who do not get their income in fixed salaries.
3- How to deal with the unused closed units, especially that in Egypt we have about 3 million of closed unused units (for speculation) despite the huge demand.Is their any law prevents the landlords from keeping such units unused.
4- The Lease period.
5- The judging methods that would supply rapid judgments away from courts (i.e. is there any other courts or committees specialized in the renting issues?)
6- Maintenance and Services. Putting in your mind that, we can not leave the relation between the landlord and the tenant to the market (supply and demand), because the units market in Egypt is in a chaos.

Thank you on advance for your cooperation.