Election of HIC-NA representatives at the Board 2013-2017


Election of HIC-NA representatives at the Board 2013-2017

The term of the HIC-NA representatives at the Board has expired. The next term of four (4) years will run from June 2013 to May 2017.
These guidelines comply with the Constitution of Habitat International Coalition (2013), the HIC Presidential and Board Election and Representation By-Law approved by the General Assembly in 2008 and are in line with Board debates and discussions in Naples 2012.

Objectives and conditions of the electoral process:

The electoral process will result in the election of one (1) HIC-NA representative on the Board and one (1) alternates of the opposite sex.
The process will be coordinated by a voluntary Electoral Committee consisting of three (3) HIC-NA members with gender diversity, supported by HIC-GS and HIC President.

Candidates’ Profile:

  • Involved with one or more aspects of human settlements
  • Showing interest in participating in strategic action programs focused on issues related to habitat, housing and land rights issues and combining local, national and regional contexts with a global initiative
  • Interested in representing social housing-related processes in international forums

Responsibilities of Board representatives:

  • Support and act according to HIC objectives
  • Represent HIC in solidarity, without remuneration
  • Participate in Board meetings (virtual and in-person) and in global events, with an estimated commitment of ten days per year.
  • Develop proposals for consolidating regional perspectives that are related to habitat, housing and Land rights.
  • Be willing to assume the responsibilities of a Board representative during a four-year term, and to assume the tasks listed in the HIC Board Members Position Description. Representatives can be re-elected for one (1) consecutive term (not exceeding 8 consecutive years on the Board).

Requirements to validate candidacy:

  • Must be a representative from a HIC member in good standing (paid-up) at the time of nomination. Candidates are elected from their individual willingness and capacities to carry out the work required of a Board Member and representing a social base in their region.
  • Candidates must be nominated by at least one member of the Coalition other than the organization to which she/he is primarily affiliated. For the purposes of her/his campaign, she/he must provide:

1) Two letters: One letter stating that she/he accepts her /his nomination and one letter of support from her/his organization endorsing the candidacy.
2) A short biography or CV (500 words) and a cover letter stating how her/his experiences are linked with issues related to the HIC global strategy.

Electoral Process Schedule:

1. Call to Voluntaries for Electoral Committee: Done
Set of Electoral Schedule and Process: Done
3. Information to HIC Membership about the launch of the electoral process: June 10
4. Presentation of the Election Committee to the HIC-NA Membership: June 10
5. Call for nominations of candidates: June 10
6. Identification / validation of candidates: June 17
7. Determination of the requirements for eligible voters and elaboration of the voters list: June 17
8. Publication of candidates’ names and documents: June 17
9. Process updates given to the Board – June 17
10. Voting period – through electronic and other means –
      a. Opening date: June 18

      b. Closing date: June 21

11. Counting and verification of votes cast: June 21
12. Verification of validity of the election: June 21
13. Results shared with the Board: June 22
14. Publication of the results: June 22
15. Objections / appeals (60 days)

NB: Any unforeseen event occurring during this election process (including the need to extend this schedule) will be resolved by the Electoral Committee, in consultation with the HIC General Secretariat.