Election process for the 2023-2027 Latin American representation on the HIC Board


Warm greetings from the Members of the Election Committee (EC) who are guiding the process of electing your Regional Representative to the HIC Board for the period 2023-2027.

We are pleased to inform you that we have received nominations from 2 (two) persons:
– Ms. Isadora Hastings, Cooperación Comunitaria, Mexico.
– Mr. Facundo di Filippo, Centro de Estudios y Acción por la Igualdad, Argentina

In accordance with HIC Statutes and By-Laws, these nominations are valid.

Both candidates have been informed of their candidacies and have agreed to stand for election. They have prepared the required documents which are enclosed.

From today until Sunday 30 April inclusive, Isadora and Facundo will be able to conduct their campaigns.

Any changes or modifications to the election process (including the need to extend the deadlines in this timetable) will be communicated by the EC, after submission to the General Secretariat.

Yours sincerely

The Election Committee
– José Mangini, EC Coordinator
– Ana Isabel González
– Ana Sugranyes