Electoral Committee calls to nomination for North America representative at the HIC Board 2017-2021



HIC North America Representative, Mr. Michael
Shapcott, vacated the position of HIC North America Representative at and
communicated this decision with a formal notice of resignation. It is time, therefore,
to elect your new Representative at the HIC Board for the next four-year term
that will run from 2017 through 2021. The Electoral Committee (CE) is composed
of 2 members: Mr. Nick Volk (Canadian Housing and Renewal Association) and Mr.
Allan Cain (Development Workshop Angola/Canada). Mr. Nick Volk has been designed
as the EC Coordinator. The overall process is supported by Marie (HIC-GS). The
process should conclude with the election of one representative and one
alternate at the Board for a 4 years term.

We invite all HIC Members of the North American Region to send us by email at (Nick Volk: nick_volk@yahoo.com
and Allan Cain: allan.cain@gmail.com)
the nomination of their candidate before June 9 2017.

Please read the following Procedure and Schedule for the elections.

Electoral Committee

Composed of 2 HIC Members volunteers: Mr. Nick
Volk and Mr. Allan Cain. None of both can be candidate

Election schedule (click here to see the document)

Set a guidance procedure and a timetable for the
electoral process, including deadlines*

Right to nominate and to vote

Definition of criterion about the right to vote
based on contributions’ criteria to the Coalition: either paid up or
participating/active Members

HIC Members Listing: Members that are not in good standing can
contribute with contributions other than fees until June 2 2017 and with fees
payment until June 16 2017 – Calls to membership contributions are being sent before
opening vote deadline

List of voters will be published on Website and
sent to the Mailing List (June 19)

Each elector has the right to one (1) vote.

Nomination of Candidates (May 17 to June 9)

Call for nominations will be posted on HIC-GS website,
Facebook and sent to Mailing List in English and French on May 17 2017

If you are organizational Members in the NAM
region, you should write an email between May 17 and June 9 2017 to the
Electoral Committee Members (Nick Volk: nick_volk@yahoo.com
and Allan Cain: allan.cain@gmail.com),
stating the name of your nominee and his/her organization.

The self-nominations will not be validated.

Candidates’ Profile and Eligibility

HIC Members representatives (women and men) working
actively in the North America region engaged with housing, land rights and
human settlements; interested to combine local, national and regional contexts
with the global approach and to represent other HIC NA Members with a global
perspective at the international level.

Eligible candidates are not elected as
representatives of their organizations, but as persons willing and able to
carry out the required representative responsibilities of the NA region.

The HIC Board Representative and the alternate Member
must have gender/geographical diversity.

Responsibilities and tasks of Board Members

Subscribe to and act in accordance with the
objectives of the Coalition.

Representatives of HIC on a solidarity basis,
with no retribution (they are not paid).

Participate in Board Meetings and global events
with support for travel and accommodations (10 days once a year).

Personal commitment to assume the complete
mandate: for a four-years term appointment, only eligible for two consecutive

Eligible candidates should understand either English
or French.

Validation of candidate’s nomination

Candidate must send a note to the EC with his/her
nomination’s acceptance, a bio and a campaign brief (June 9 to June 16).

His/her organization must send to the EC a note supporting
the candidacy and include a brief statement indicating name and general

Nomination must be validated by the EC on
documents reception

Validated nominations with documents will be
published on Websites and sent to the Mailing List (June 19)

Votes (June 20 – July 6 2017)

Postal and electronic correspondence of ballots
to the EC Members emails

The name of a validated candidate and his/her
organization must be stated on the ballot

Ballot must be issued in English or French and
received by EC before July 6 2017 (11.59pm GMT)

Reception, counting, register and verification
of votes by the EC (July 7)

Results of Election will be communicated and
published on HIC’s Websites and Facebook and sent to the Mailing List (July 7

*Note: Members of EC can propose an extension of
deadline for each step, as they deem convenient.

revitalize the region of North
America (United States and Canada) together!

Electoral Committee:
Nick Volk, Coordinator
Allan Cain






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