(ENG) Forum for a Just Peace in the Middle East


Cancelled the Forum for a Just Peace in the Middle East

Press release from the assembly of arab, israeli, international organizations and from the State of Spain gathered in Leganés, Madrid (Spain).

Gathering in a extraordinary meeting in Leganes, the International Committee of the Forum for a Just Peace in the Middle East, express the following points:

After the celebration, yesterday, of an extaordinary Steering Committee meeting, all delegations decided by consensus, to express their solidarity with representatives of civil society from Palestine, Lebanon and Siria, who decided to boycott the Forum after knowledge that invitations had been cursed for non official zionist delegation, which was not discussed neither agreed upon in the International Committee of the Forum, breaking the rules and mechanisms established during the previous months.

We urge the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Spain, to order an independent investigation of all external interferences in the preparatory process of the Forum, aimed at imposing speakers and participants not agreed upon by the International Committee, body responsible for organizing the delegations, neither by the extraordinary Steering committee gathering in Alcorcon. We require the depuration of all responsabilities related with these interferences.

Due to last hour pressures, all official delegations decided not to admit the final agenda which was imposed on them, bringing to the shut down of the Forum by the Social Forum of Madrid. Delegations decided to meet on an alternative way, with the realization of workshops and debates in the hall opened by the Assocation Haydee Santa María in Leganes.

Declarations are being redacted by this assembly and will be mailed.

15th december 2007.