Who has the power? Against the corporate capture of global food governance

The Food Systems Summit Stocktaking Moment, now called FSS+2, will take place from 24-26 July in Rome. It will be a major conference organized by the UN Secretary General, hosted by the Government of Italy and coordinated by the FSS Coordination Hub and the Rome-based Agencies.

Many oft the deep concerns expressed before by the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism for Relations with the UN Committee on World Food Security and the  Autonomous Response will be highlighted these days

This is a preliminary overview of activities which are being planned to challenge de UNFSS Stocktaking Moment.

Several materials are being produced in this moment for being published in July, but you can already use the recently published overview about Multistakeholderism and Corporate Capture of Global Food Governance, produced by the Liaison Group of the Autonomous Response to the UNFSS which provides insights on how the corporate agenda is being advanced in 2023, and which function is playing the UNFSS+2 in this context.

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