Feminising Urban Struggle Seminar

The Centre for Urbanism & Built Environment Studies – CUBES, in partnership with academic institutions in Brazil, Tanzania and the Netherlands are organizing the online international seminar titled Feminising urban struggle: bodies, territories and politics in women’s production and reproduction of peripheral spaces.

[WATCH] live on YouTube channel of IEAUSP at: https://youtube.com/@IEAUSPSP?si=bdyNV7x7CWJU0GmH.

A three-day online international seminar will take place between 6 and 8 November of 2023. It will bring together over one hundred scholars and three keynote speakers, Verónica Gago, Faranak Miraftab and Adriana Allen, to debate critical feminist urban research and explore new epistemologies at the intersection of gender, women’s urban struggles, and the production of peripheral territories.

The November seminar event initiates a larger Urban Studies Foundation-funded  Seminar Series exploring the urban struggles of marginalised women in transforming their peripheral territories in different contexts of the Global South, particularly, Southern Africa and Latin America.

On-Line Seminar on 6-8 November

The online seminar will be hosted in the Zoom platforms of the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of São Paulo (IEAUSP) on 6 and 7 November and the Housing International Coalition (HIC) on 8 November. It can be watched live at the YouTube channel of IEAUSP: https://youtube.com/@IEAUSPSP?si=bdyNV7x7CWJU0GmH.

Organized as a scientific seminar, it aims to strengthen a critical feminist urban research agenda, advancing new theoretical approaches and methodological aspects in the scientific and technological dimensions, in different countries.

The Keynote Speakers include HIC President Adriana Allen.

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