Expanding World Social Forum Process including new social movements, social organization and new regions


If you are interested in this work you can join the new Working Groups on Asia, Arab World and Russia of the WSF International Council Expansion Commission

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After the Global Day of Action and after the beginning of the debate on the World Social Forum future, the International Council decided to improve the commitment to include in the WSF process more social movements, social organizations and regions.

World Social Forum is not an event, it is a process. One of its aim is to be a useful tool to support local, national, regional, thematical movements, and to help them in creating relations and interconnections.

Even if many movements, organizations and regions take permanently part of the WSF process there are still a lot of them which are outside or marginalized.

The Expansion Commission of the WSF International Council will work -in strict connection with the existing regional, continental and national Social Forum- in order to overcome this lack of relations.

A special effort will be done in the next months in order to meet, to know and to create connections with new movements, organizations and regions, with the aim to involve them in the global process and to spread information regarding their struggles and practices.

Three new Working Group of the Expansion Commission have been established, to work specifically on three regions: Asia, Arab World and Russia.

If you are interested to take part in one or more Working Groups, please join the dedicated mailing lists.

To join the mailing lists, which will be used to work together, is very easy.

1) Go to the webpage
2) Click on the mailing list you are interested to subscribe (Asia, Arab World or Russia)
3) Enter your e-mail address in the dedicated space
4) You’ll soon receive in your mailbox an e-mail with the subject “Subscription confirmation”. Simply REPLY to this “Subscription confirmation” email.
5) Done!

We hope that many of you would like to give their contribution to enlarge and strengthen our global network.

Our best greetings