Fellowship focused on training and supporting young leaders in South America


Call 2014-2015
From March 1st until May 31st, 2014

We are pleased to inform you that the call for applications for
the 2014-2015 edition of the President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship
focused on training and supporting young leaders in
South America 
is now open.

The Fellowshiphas been inspired by the legacy and
achievements of the late President of Argentina, Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007)
and his work as the first Secretary General of UNASUR (2010). With an
innovative approach, the Fellowship aims to foster knowledge creation and
nurture the careers ofprofessionals from various disciplines with
experience in both academic and public service. This initiative is organized
by The New School University through
its Observatory on Latin America (OLA) in New York,
together with the Universidad Nacional de San Martí­n (UNSAM) in
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The three fellowship winners – one from Argentina, one from any
South American country excluding Argentina, and onefrom any country of
South America, including Argentina,- obtain a two-week stay
at The New School University in New York
, during which the Fellow will
present his/her work to students and faculty of The New School, including two
seminars and a public lecture,will meet with political and civil society
leaders, and will take part in various other activities such as visits to local
government offices and multinational organizations, as well as tour museums,
and public and university libraries.

The call is open until May 31st, 2014. Applicationscan be
submitted through our website: http://www.becanestorkirchner.org/

Applicants’ profile
Applicants must be in the early stages of their careers which
must include activities inbothof the following fields:
1. In theacademicfield applicants must have either
completed a postgraduate degree (master or doctorate) within the past fifteen
years or be currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree program;
2. In thepolitical/civil society field, applicants must
either be currently working or have previously worked in public service
organizations of the state at the national, provincial, or municipal level, or
in a registered non-governmental association or organization (NGO). In this
field, applicants must have verifiable experience of a minimum of 4 years and
maximum of 15 years.

Applicants are required to have English proficiency.

Substantive research areas related to South America
Eligible applicants should be working in one or more of the
following fields:

1. Territories, regions, cities and environment for
inclusive development 
(design, sustainable development, transportation
and communications infrastructure, housing, urban services -utilities-, social
economy, urban economy, urban policy, citizen participation)
2. Media and democracy for inclusive development (innovative
IT,social media networks, support for education and knowledge, culture
and political participation, media democratization, rights to information
-quality and access-)
3. Public policies for inclusive development and social
(critique of neoliberal economic model, and promotion of new
models for development and growth, definition of the role of the State in
income distribution and equity promotion, inclusive public policies -social
security, health, employment, infrastructure, economic development, education,
science and technology-, human rights, regional cooperation and integration).

This call for applications will award three fellowships:
1.Fellowship 1will be awarded to anArgentine
citizen, and will take place November 2-15,2014.
2. Fellowship 2will be awarded tocitizens from
another country of South America, excluding Argentina, and will take place
February 22-March 7, 2015.
3. Fellowship 3will be awarded tocitizens from any
country of South America, including Argentina, and will take place February
22-March 7, 2015.

Questions may be sent to: info@becanestorkirchner.org

The deadline to submit the application isMay 31,
2014,5:00pmNew York time or 17:00hs Buenos Aires time

For more information regarding the Fellowship and its previous


The Guidelines for Submissions and Rules can be downloaded,
and the Application Form can be filled out in the
Fellowship website.

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The organizing team,

Christian Asinelli, UNSAMDirector of the
PNK Fellowship
Marcelo Bufacchi, UNSAMDirector of
the PNK Fellowship
Margarita Gutman,  OLA/The New School Director of the PNK Fellowship