Now available the first regional strategic plan developed by HIC African Members


The strategic plan is launched on the 25th May 2023, a day coinciding with the commemoration of Africa Day 2023.

Today is Africa Day, the annual commemoration of the foundation of the organization of African Unity on 25th May 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, now the Africa Union (AU). In recognition of the vision and milestone achieved towards An Integrated, Prosperous and Peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena. This, in remembrance of its founding members, whose dream was to strive for a united Africa, at peace with itself and representing a dynamic force in the world arena and more especially, the fight against colonialism.

HIC Africa Strategic PlanFind out Key Issues and Challenges in Africa from the lens of HIC Africa Members

HIC Members in Africa identified the need for a common regional strategic plan to better coordinate priorities, mobilize resources and implement joint action to fight for the recognition, defense and full implementation of human rights related to habitat.

The process behind

The process to develop a regional strategic plan gained momentum with the appointment of the HIC Africa Regional Coordinator in May 2022, and funding support through the HIC General Secretariat committed to this purpose. Africa Members decided that an in-person workshop would be most effective and in a regional online meeting in July 2022 eight HIC Africa members volunteered to be part of a working group that would develop the strategic plan. In November 2022, the Regional Strategic Plan development in-person workshop took place in Nairobi, Kenya.

HIC Africa Strategic Plan

The result

HIC Africa is fully committed to the full range of policies, instruments and protocols as provided by the African Union and its Member States, as well as the United Nations, its agencies, and Commissions.

HIC’s work in this regard is organised along the four strategic priorities of HIC and the strategic plan identified the key Issues and Challenges in Africa from the lens of HIC Africa Members.

HIC Africa Members will use the strategic plan as a tool and roadmap to to fulfill their collective mandate through
● Improve prioritization and coordination of commitments and activities
● Improve monitoring and assessment of progress and challenges

As civil society organizations and social movements, HIC Africa members represent the voices of marginalised persons in our diverse communities and countries. This strategic plan will further strengthen and empower HIC Africa to occupy a space in regional and global decision-making, and to demand justice for our people and accountability from our leaders.

The protagonists

HIC Africa members amplify the voices of those left behind as well as those farthest to reach in the region. They possess proximity to communities and knowledge of local and regional situations.

The strength of HIC Africa lies in a vast network of Member organizations with the willingness to work together, alliances with important civil society organizations and movements, and long standing experience and engagement with work related to women and habitat in Africa. Members bring to the table, our expertise, local knowledge, and passion to uplift the people of Africa from poverty, hunger, inequality, and marginalization.

We congratulate all HIC Africa members for their determination, commitment and struggle to see that the dream of Africa regional strategic plan is a reality.

Read the whole Africa strategic plan 2023-2026

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