Fixing Canada’s Housing Crunch


FCM has launched a national campaign calling on all orders of government in
Canada to focus on the high cost of housing, the most urgent financial issue
facing Canadians —
Fixing Canada’s Housing

One in four Canadians is paying more than they can afford for housing, and
mortgage debt held by Canadians now stands at just over $1.1 trillion. These
costs are undermining Canadians’ personal financial security while household
debt, as the Bank of Canada notes, is putting our national economy at risk.

At the same time, $1.7 billion in annual federal affordable housing
investments are set to expire, with the greatest drop, $500 million, slated for
the next five years. Those declining federal investments will put 200,000
Canadian households at risk of losing their homes and cause spillover effects
throughout the Canadian economy.

Canadians need a stable and secure housing market that creates and
maintains jobs and allows for a range of living options. Cities and communities
need better housing options to attract new workers, meet the needs of young
families and support seniors and our most vulnerable citizens.

FCM is calling on the federal government to commit to a long-term plan for
housing, working with municipalities and all orders of government to address
these crucial issues.

Help to fix Canada’s housing

Pass this resolution in your municipal
council supporting this campaign.

Support the campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #housingcrunch.

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