General Secretariat addresses the Coalition regarding electoral results


HLRN Headquarters, Cairo July 26-28

Dear HIC,

I write you from the HIC HLRN Strategic Planning meetings. I have been working along side the HLRN Board -Davinder Lamba, Miloon Kothari and Minar Pimple- as well as Issa Samander and the entire HLRN staff developing activities and global objectives that are related to defending the right to housing and land, which is this network’s prime focus.

We all have been aware of the development of the electoral process and have been awaiting the Electoral Committee’s final report. We have taken advantage of this meeting and, in a way, anticipated ourselves to the official announcement of the electoral results by centring a lot of the work on the new phase of HIC presidency. Having said this, in the closing dinner we wanted to listen to HIC´s new President –who has by now officially been recognized. You can hear the product of this improvised interview in the following links:

Davinder 1:

Introduction: Mr Lamba pays tribute to Enrique Ortiz´s success and welcomes him to the Club of the Wisdom Keepers of the Habitat International Coalition.

Davinder 2:

Mr. Lamba thanks the Electoral Committee and addresses the issue of running unopposed. He emphasizes the importance of a democratic process and the importance of participating in them. He reminds them members that he is accountable to them. He states that the principal struggle is for HIC to make local struggles global.

Davinder 3:

Mr. Lamba explains his HIC Triple World Challenge proposal, detailing the three worlds and their relation. He emphasizes the importance of the HIC Presidential Blog inputs and their inclusion into Board decisions. He takes you on the journey of HIC’s organizational structure.

Davinder 4:

Mr. Lamba details the ideas and ideologies of the Inner World of HIC. He emphasizes the crucial importance of HIC members in the existence of a Coalition.

Davinder 5:

Mr. Lamba indicates the challenges of the Inner World of the Coalition: achieving coordination and cooperation that brings about change. This is the leadership challenge to the HIC Board. Addresses the Mr. Kothari´s role in the Coalition.

Davinder 6:

Mr. Lamba informs the members about the next Board meeting in a landmark women and housing meeting, to take place in Barcelona 2008. He informs that up to that point, there will be a great deal of communication regarding the HIC Campaigns revolving around Housing Day (Oct. 7 – Jan. 26). He explains the background of the Campaign.

Davinder 7:

Mr. Lamba explains the development and follow-up of the HIC Evaluation 2006. He emphasizes that HIC is a learning organization.

Davinder 8:

Mr. Lamba´s message of solidarity to the Middle East and Africa against the destruction of life and habitat.