Globalization and Habitat in Asia: Worst Investment Award


This concept paper likewise attempts to formulate concrete proposals and strategies from communities directly affected and developing links between the local and global strategies. It will contribute to basic respect for human life and nature among the corporations which dominate much of economic, politics and society in general.

The Passing River Rehabilitation Project (PRRP) in the Philippines was one of the flagship projects of former President Fidel Ramos. Funded by the Danish International Development Aid (DANIDA) and ADB(Asian Development Bank), the PRRP aims to clean up the heavily polluted river to spur tourism growth, carve out new transportation routes and lure foreign investors. A major part of the cleaning up entails the removal of structures located within the 10 meter easement along the riverbanks. This includes the houses of approximately 10,000 urban poor families living along the Pasig River.

When the Estrada administration took over in 1998, the PRRP remained a flagship project. The Passing River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC), composed of Cabinet members, was created to oversee its implementation. Since its inception in 1993, about 5,000 families have been evicted and relocated to remote areas of Cavite and ontalban: away from their sources of livelihood and with minimal social services available.