Governmental Promises in Egypt


Today, dozens off farmers from El Hurreya and Monshat Abdel Rahman villages – Daqahleya, are heading to the Ministry of Agriculture to demand the Minister to implement the promises he and the Egyptian President made by giving them alternative lands.
El Hurreya farmers have gathered in front of the Ministry of Agriculture before on 18/9/2006, the under secretary of state and a member of the People’s Assembly have promised to finalize the procedures to give them alternative lands in Daqahleya within three months, but the farmers saw that their demands were ignored, which made them gather today demanding to receive alternative lands according to law no. 96 for the year 1992.
In the last presidential elections, President Mubarak also promised the farmers to receive alternative lands other than the ones they were evicted out of.
LCHR demands the Minister of Agriculture to give these farmers alternative lands in the areas that they live in, just like what happened with other farmers in other villages to protect their right to a safe and a decent life.
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