Habitat III Policy Unit Paper Frameworks are available in English


In the
process towards the elaboration of the New Urban Agenda, the Habitat III Policy Units submitted the ten Policy Paper Frameworks by 31 December 2015.

TheHabitatIIIPolicyUnits are composed of a maximum of 20
experts each, bringing together individual experts from a variety of fields,
including academia, government, civil society and other regional and
international bodies. ThePolicy Units are co-led by two international organizations in
collaboration with theHabitat IIISecretariat.

PolicyUnits are intended to identify challenges,policypriorities and critical issues as well
as development of action-oriented recommendations for implementation of the New
Urban Agenda. The issues andpolicyrecommendations
addressed by eachPolicyUnit will serve as technical inputs
for Member States’ consideration in the preparation of the outcome document of
the Conference.

Nations member states and accredited stakeholders are invited to transmit written
comments on the Policy Paper Frameworks to habitat3policy@un.org by note verbale and official letter
respectively, no later than 31 January 2016
Comments by member states as well as accredited stakeholders will be published
online, and be considered as a contribution to the policylevel process towards the Conference.

1. The Right to the
City and Cities for All

2. Socio-Cultural
Urban Framework

3. National Urban Policies

4. Urban Governance,
Capacity and Institutional Development

5. Municipal Finance and
Local Fiscal Systems

6. Urban Spatial
Strategies: Land Market and Segregation

7. Urban Economic
Development Strategies

8. Urban Ecology and

9. Urban Services and

10. Housing Policies

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