Han van Putten, HIC Honorary President


Two weeks ago, Joe Schechla and HIC General Secretary, we went to visit Han at the Arendsdorp appartment, Den Haag, to hand him over once more our gratitude and recognition for all the work he has given to Habitat International Coalition (HIC), for his life long struggles for the housing conditions of the poor in the world, for justice and human dignity.

For all of you, children and great children of our beloved Han, we express to you, with the greatest of affections, our most heartfelf condolences.

Han and Anneke’s memory will remain with us for ever.

The cremation will take place on Thursday October 29 at 3:45 pm at Nieuw Eyk en Duinen in Den Haag, The Netherlands. There will be a reception afterwards.

For further information and to join us in homage of Han and Anneke’s memory, see the blog that we are building at http://han.hic-net.org/