HIC Evaluation


After 30 years of life, campaigns and advocacy in favour of sustainable policies to resolve habitational issues, HIC once again has the opportunity to conduct a participatory evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to revise the mission, objectives, strategy and impact that HIC has as a global coalition of civil society organizations. It revises the whole Coalition focusing particularly on three structures: the General Secretariat, the Francophone Africa region and the HLRN network.

The evaluation will aid in the identification of the Coalition’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as enhance our perception of our challenges and the best way to meet them on different levels: strategic, organizational and operative. This way, we will be able to proceed in ways that will maximize our awareness and trust of the Coalition’s members so that we may better use the added value of pertaining to HIC and therefore continue its construction.

We want this evaluation to be a means for you –HIC member- to communicate your aspirations and concerns in relation to the organizational future of HIC as well as to suggest your proposals for ways to strengthen the organization and better its functions.

The evaluation is composed by the following activities/components:


  • Internal questionnaire for HIC members
  •  External questionnaire for organizations that have dealings with HIC, interviews with organizations that for whatever reason could relate with HIC but have not done so yet.
  •  Workshop in Latin America, Francophone Africa, HLRN and groups of organizations depending on availability of funds and opportunity.
  • Detailed interviews with some of the Coalition’s key references.
  • Initial report with preliminary suggestions that will be discussed in the HIC Assembly and Board Meetings within the framework of the WSF in Nairobi.
  • Final Report