HIC General Assembly 2009


Habitat International Coalition (HIC) will convoke its Annual General Assembly at the World Social Forum (WSF) to be in Belem, Brazil from January 27th to February 1st 2009.

We invite HIC members who are planning to attend the Forum, to participate in the HIC General Assembly and in the activities of the WSF.

Due to the difficulties of traveling to Belem, we are organizing a two part General Assembly, the second part of which will take place in Cairo, Egypt from May 3rd-10th, 2009.

Below, please find the global activities of HIC and its partners under the “Act Together- Housing for All” call.

The following proposed agenda is:
(Date and venue will be confirmed with the WSF official program as soon as possible)

General Assembly First Meeting

• Verification of Quorum
• Approval of the Agenda
• Welcome and Introduction by HIC President
• Approval of the Minutes of the General Assembly in Barcelona, February 2008
• HIC Global Report 2008
•HIC Members voices to strengthen HIC global strategy
• Closure

Activities in which HIC is participating at WSF 2009 Amazonia

. The Right to the City

. Women and Housing and Land Rights

We remind you that we need confirmation of your participation at the Belem WSF before December 19th, as we have booked and prepaid rooms in 3 flats and a house, and we must answer the accommodation requests of a few non HIC-Members.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance with your travel arrangements(such as visas and accommodations) and with your organization’s activities in the forthcoming Forum.