HIC participation at CHR 62


We will be focusing on the following issues during the Commission/Council sessions:
Economic/social/cultural rights, particularly the human right to adequate housing and land, both thematically—particularly women’s rights to housing, land and property inheritance, as well as the context of globalization/privatization—and in country-specific cases, including Palestine, Iraq and Sudan.

We have submitted or plan to submit written statements on the following topics:
1. Women’s housing and land rights
2. Housing and land rights violations in Palestine
3. Population displacement and restoration of housing/land rights in Iraq and Palestine

We expect to make, or would be interested in contributing to, oral statements on the following topics:
Indigenous peoples’ land rights

We anticipate organizing parallel events on the following topics:
Women’s housing and land rights, in conjunction with the global study by the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing

The other UN languages in which our representatives can function are:
English, Arabic, Spanish, French

Contact person: Joseph Schechla
Email address : jschechla@hlrn.org

Website address : http://hic-net.org and http://www.hlrn.org