HIC President Election 2019: Extension of deadline for candidates’ nomination


The Electoral Process for the HIC President for the next four-year term that will run from end of 2019 through end of 2023, was launched last July 2019.

The Electoral Comittee have approved a 2 (two) weeks’ extension of the deadline for the candidates’ nomination starting today. Consequently the new deadline for nomination is Friday September 27th 2019. 

The HIC General Secretariat calls members to actively participate in this next electoral process during the following ten days, with the next message:

Dear Members of Habitat International Coalition (HIC),

Warm regards from the Electoral Committee (EC) Members that are conducting the process for the election of the next HIC President for the 2019-2023 mandate.We remind you that you still have 10 days (deadline September 13 2019) to send the nomination of your candidate for the position of HIC President.
Please check if your name is on the provisional roster clicking here. If you have sent your contributions to HIC and your name is not stated, it might be because we are assessing your contributions. In every case, you can contact Marie to check your status.Thank you for sending your nominations before Friday September 13th 2019 (11:59pm GMT) to our email that has been specially created for the matter of the President Election: ec-president2019@hic-net.org. We remind you that Eligible Candidates shall be nominated by a minimum of five (5) HIC Members in good standing for at least one (1) year at the time of the nomination, and based in any region.

Your email should state:
– your name
– the organization you represent
– your HIC member code (stated on the list)
– the name of the person you nominate as candidate
– the organization the person you are nominating belongs to

Best regards,

The Electoral Committee:
Graciela Maiztegui (Argentina), Irene Escorihuela (Spain), Barry Pinsky (Canada), Humphrey Otieno (Kenya), Khadim Dahot (Pakistan), Khalid Alkhawaldeh (Jordan)

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