HIC President election: Extension of deadline for candidates’ nomination


Below you will find the message from the Electoral Committee to HIC Members regarding the Presicency Elections Process:

Dear Members of Habitat International Coalition (HIC),

Receive the warm regards of the Electoral Committee (EC) Members that are conducting the process for the elections of the next HIC President for the 2024-2028 terms.

From 26 September to 15 October, from 33 nominations we have received, we could only validate  one candidate, so we urge you to continue proceeding to nominate your candidates. The list of persons eligible for the position is the same as the list of HIC Members in good standing.

We have approved by majority a 2 (two) weeks’ extension of the deadline for the candidates’ nomination starting on today. Consequently, the new deadline for nomination is 3 November 2023 (11:59GMT/UTC).

According to the requirements of our founding documents, only organization Members in good standing with their contributions will have the right to nominate, be nominated and vote for the election of HIC President.  Therefore, we now call on HIC Members with right to vote to actively participate in this electoral process in order to promote an opportunity to debate, exchange ideas and opinions on the mission and current and future tasks of HIC.

Please check if your organization is stated on the list of HIC Members with right to vote and make sure that your membership will be valid until the end of this electoral process. For membership topics, please contact Marie at the HIC-GS (marie@hic-net.org).

We remind you that candidates for the position of HIC President must be representatives of a HIC affiliated organization, a member in good standing at least three (3) years prior to the time of nomination and must be nominated by at least five (5) members in good standing at least one (1) year prior to the time of nomination, and base in any of the HIC regions.

Thank you for sending your nominations before 3 November 2023 (11:59GMT/UTC) to our email that has been specially created for the Presidential electoral process, with a cc to all of us. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Your email should state:
– your name
– the organization you represent
– the name of the person you nominate as candidate
– the organization the person you are nominating belongs to

Note: Every change or modification of the electoral process (including the need to postpone the deadlines of the present calendar) will be informed by the EC, after submission to the General Secretariat.

Best regards,

The Electoral Committee:
Hilary Zhou (Coordinator)
Ahmed Sourani, Edgar Ramírez, Efemena Ozugha, Meena Menon, Pascale Thys