HIC President Elections 2011: Communication N° 01/CE-HIC-2011


To: HIC Members

SUBJECT: 2011 President Elections timetable and Call to Nominate Candidates

DATE: 04/20/2011

Dear Friends of Habitat International Coalition (HIC),

Receive the warm regards of the Electoral Committee (EC) members that will conduct the process for the elections of the next HIC President for the 2011-2015 terms.

With this first communication, we are launching the electoral process and we invite you to read the documents loaded on the blog http://president2011.hic-net.org/ created to facilitate the communication and interaction between HIC members and CE members:

  1. Calendar of the process,
  2. Candidates (page awaiting the nominations)
  3. Electoral Committee
  4. Document: By Law and others
  5. Criteria for nomination of candidates
  6. Roster of voters (HIC Members in good standing)

To download the 2011 President Elections Timetable please click here.

To download the Call to Nomination of Candidates please click here.

We remind you that, for requirements of the HIC Presidential and Board Election and Representation By-law (2008), only organization members in good standing will have the right to nominate candidates and vote.   For membership fees concerns, please contact Marie at the HIC-GS (marie@hic-net.org).

Thank you for sending your comments and questions to our email that has been specially created for the President Election matter: ec-president2011@hic-net.org.

Every change or modification of the electoral process (including the need to postpone the deadlines of the present calendar) will be informed by the EC, after submission to the General Secretariat.


Ramiro García



Electoral Committee


Mrs.  Shivani Bhardwaj

Mr. Abu Rayhan Albeeroonee

Mr. Abdul Hamid Slatch

Ms. Rajaa’ Kassab

Mr. Franck Olivier Kouame