HIC President Elections: Adriana Allen message to HIC Membership



Dear HIC Members,

I write to thank you for your nomination to serve HIC and ALL its Members and to open a constructive and transparent dialogue with you. I welcome your questions and comments to get to know one another: I am here to listen to and learn from you all. 

I have accepted this candidature with humility and confidence:

Humility to know that the pathway towards transformative change relies on learning from all of you, and from many others that don’t yet have a voice. I see this as an essential approach to represent the HIC community effectively and inclusively and to raise its voice to a global level. 

Confidence based on 35 years of working with NGOs and grassroots movements across many countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America & Caribbean, the MENA region, and, to less extent, other contexts in the so-called ‘global North’. This experience has enabled me to gain a grounded sense of what advancing the right to Habitat means in different contexts and under contrasting conditions. If elected, I will rely on an open and sustained dialogue with you within and across all regions, in order to best attend your needs and provide the maximum support to your struggles and those of whom you represent.

I have done my best to share what I believe are the key challenges ahead of us to consolidate and expand the extraordinary work of HIC, but also who I am and where I stand. You can find more on the following links: 

For decades, I have admired HIC’s sustained support and solidarity campaigns for those that cannot and should not struggle alone. I feel deeply identified with the Coalition and its constituency and this is the reason why accepted the challenge to represent HIC internationally to promote global solidarity and assertive action in support of those women and men, girls and boys who need it the most. 

I celebrate this process as an opportunity for HIC Members to voice their concerns, expectations and visions of where the Coalition should focus its energy to continue growing its strength to fight for the right to Habitat for all

Looking forward to a constructive debate to get the HIC community to grow closer and stronger in our common cause. You are welcome to get in touch by email at a.allen@ucl.ac.uk.

With thanks and warm regards,