HIC Proposes Text to Clarify MDG Target 11


On Friday April 15, a breakthrough on one important issue emerged when members of the EU delegation proposed to “clarify” that MDG Target 11 calls for a net reduction in the overall number of people living under slum conditions by 100 million, in addition to reversing the rapid growth of slum conditions which would affect another 500 million people by 2020. Calling for “clarification” rather than “revision” of the Target avoids renegotiating the MDG target.

The Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is the leading global network of more than 400 social movements and NGO’s working on housing rights and human settlements issues. HIC proposes the following amendment to the CSD Chair’s April 13 Draft Report to achieve this objective:

Insert after Section D. (w) in the April 13 CSD-13 Draft Report the following:

“Clarify that MDG-7, Target 11 refers to reversing the growth of populations living under slum conditions as defined by UN Habitat, in addition to significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers, and to specify national targets for both aspects of Target 11”