HIC statement for international investigation in Gaza violence


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Israel’s latest atrocity against the Palestinian people epitomizes an unbroken chain of human rights abuses, and likewise flouts other legal regimes devised to uphold the interstate system. But, these are mere symptoms of deeper breaches of a people’s inalienable right to self-determination that binds every State represented here under the Charter and the two Covenants.

Just after perpetrators of population transfer were prosecuted at Nuremberg and Tokyo, we witnessed that serious crime committed again to establish the State of Israel, with its continuous denial and destruction of Palestinians’ habitat: land, housing and means of subsistence. Gaza’s peaceful Great Return March underscored that continuum, but also States’ failure to take effective measures toward remedy and reparation.

Were the interstate system to show any integrity, States would shoulder their shared individual, collective, domestic and extraterritorial obligations not to recognize, or cooperate with the illegal situation in Palestine. Meanwhile, that remains the central injustice in the region, inspiring demoralized others to copy such crimes under a false pretense of statehood.

Amid the UN’s post-2015 promise to address root causes and pursue integrated solutions, we also call for an independent investigation of these murders of Palestinians claiming their human rights, but this time, toward effective preventive and remedial measures.


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