HIC’s participation at the COP21 and the People’s Climate Summit


HIC statement to the COP21: Building Climate-resilient Societies


3 December (8.30-19.00 h), Paris: Conference “Zero
Waste: A Key Solution Pathway for a Low Carbon Future”

5 December (9.00-12.30h), Saint Denis: Seminar “From
Cop21 to Habitat III, local governments and citizens at the heart of the

5 December (19.00-21.00), Montreuil: Debate on
“Ecological Transition and Right to the City”

8 December (17.00-19.00 h), Le Bourget:
Side-event at COP21 “Popular metropolitan
peripheries, key players in the fight against climate change

9 December (09.00-12.00 h), Paris: Global Platform for the Right to the
City coordination meeting. Place: FPH office, 38 Rue St Sabin – 75011 Paris (métro St Sabin)

– 9
December (19.00 – 21.30 h), Paris: Débat “A qui profite le droit à la ville?”

– 10 December
(9.00-12.00 h), Paris: “From COP21 towards Habitat III: Cities and
Citizens Networks Engaged to Address Global Challenges
“, organized by FPH
and ICLEI. Venue: FPH office, 38 Rue St Sabin – 75011 Paris (métro St Sabin) –
tel +33 1 43 14 75 75.

10 December (13.00-17.00 h), Paris: Public meeting “Cooling
the Planet: Frontline Communities lead the struggle”

10 December (13.30-15h), Paris: “Waste Pickers:
Paving the Solutions Path to Climate Change