HIC’s statement and HIC-BADIL joint oral statement to the Human Rights Council on the Gaza Conflict


The Human Rights Council is currently in session to discuss the UN Fact-finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, led by Judge Goldstone. 

Click here to check the HIC’s statement to the HR Council and click here to read the HIC-BADIL joint oral statement to the Council.

These documents reflect the opinions of more than 400 organizations and persons working globally on the issues of housing and human settlements.  The statements support the work of Judge Goldstone and endorse the recommendations of the report.  Further, the we call on the Human Rights Council to uphold the recommendations posed and to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities under international human rights law.

We hope that you will join us in disseminating the information reflected in these statements.

For further information, please contact Angie Balata, HIC-HLRN Global Program Officer (HIC) at: abalata@hlrn.org

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