HLRN calls for elections


Dear HLRN members:

The current term of your HLRN representatives to the Habitat International Coalition Board will expire at the end of December 2005. The next four-year term will run from 2006 through 2009. The current representatives are Joseph Schechla, HLRN coordinator, and (alternate) Manal Tibe, director of the Egyptian Center for Housing Rights.

According to the HIC Constitution and by-laws, a Board member can serve for a limit of two terms. The HLRN representatives to the HIC Board may serve for one further term, if they choose to run. Other HLRN member representatives are welcome as candidates by self-nomination or nomination by another member organization. The election will take place under the coordination of an Election Committee of three (3) HLRN member representatives. The committee will receive nominations, manage the voting process, count and announce the results, and certify the election. (The committee members are volunteers who are not themselves candidates in the election.)

At this point, we will need three persons to volunteer to serve on the HLRN Election Committee. If you would like to volunteer, please contact HLRN Global Program Officer Angie Balata by 10 December to inform about your willingness to serve: abalata@hlrn.org