Honduras. Letter against the World Bank President Statement regarding the murder of Berta Cáceres


Dear colleagues

We have prepared a letter for World
Bank President Kim, expressing our rejection to his statements on April 6th.

In response to a question about the
impacts of large dams evidenced by the murder of Berta Cáceres in Honduras, he
replied that “you cannot do the work we’re trying to do and not have some
of these “incidents” happen”. He also suggested that energy from large dams is
the only possible alternative to thermal and nuclear energy; and he commented
that “resettled people could end in a situation as good as or better than the
situation they lived in”.

As a response we prepared a letter (you can download it in this link) which we
hope will be signed by as many organizations as possible. Please send your
signatures until tomorrow Moday May 9th to Amanda Monaco, at

Please share this for more signatures.

In gratitude,

CEJIL, Otros Mundos AC, International Rivers and