Housing for the Displaced of Makhmur


Urged by a sense of responsibility to protect the human right to adequate housing and lands, a local organization devised ways to provide aid to the newly displaced families by mobilizing a wide network. That organization, the Human Rights and Migration Bureau, mobilized members and technical staff to conduct a series of meetings and interviews with the displaced families to determine their conditions. They selected 100 affected families for assistance, giving priority to those with the greatest need. After strategically examining their strengths and weaknesses, the organization decided to take the unprecedented step of providing emergency relief through a project with the following initial steps:

1. Determining participants in the initiative;
2. Selecting the alternative locations for housing;
3. Networking with concerned civil society organizations in Iraq;
4. Providing specialized personnel (technical, medical, social workers);
5. Recruiting volunteers.

Implementing the project involved provision of emergency shelter, food, water and economic assistance. It also found interim solutions for remaining families, within the bounds of available resources.

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