International Call: Civil society initiatives for equitable, decent and sustainable Habitat


A city For and By its inhabitants

Following that of 2012, the 2013 Habitat Forum is an
event addressing civil society actors (community organizations, associations,
social movements and professional groups) engaged in urban and territorial
initiatives directly benefiting inhabitants and their quality of life.

In the beginning of October 2013, a selection of 7
civil society initiatives for an equitable, decent and sustainable habitat will
be presented and debated through a participative approach in Geneva within the
Geneva Participative Habitat Forum 2013.

This recognition of grassroots initiatives aims at
promoting the essential role that the people and their different forms of social
organization play in building the 21st century’s sustainable habitat.
All over the world, the inhabitants conduct many innovative and creative
initiatives. The purpose of the Geneva Participatory Habitat Forum 2013 is to showcase
these projects, communicate, share and analyze the conditions of their success
and sustainability. It also offers relevant stakeholders from different parts
of the world the opportunity to connect with each other in Geneva and to encourage
exchanges, knowledge management and networking.

Work method

This call is distributed at an international level,
with the aim to identify and analyze innovating initiatives of the civil
society for an equitable, decent and sustainable habitat. You are encouraged to
fill out the attached online form before 20 July 2013.

The secretariat of the Forum 2013, in collaboration
with a few habitat networks, will coordinate this first phase of research,
choosing the most relevant initiatives in terms of social impact,
sustainability and thematic and geographical representativeness.

On the occasion of the Geneva Participative Habitat Forum
2013, two kinds of initiatives will be invited: the initiatives that are at a
starting stage and the initiatives that are at an advanced stage in their
development. The aim is to facilitate the process of knowledge transfer between
the guests.

The initiatives will be presented by their
representatives and examined by an international panel composed of experts,
civil society actors and academicians, committed to the understanding of the
processes of social production of habitat.

submit your «civil society initiatives for an equitable, decent and
sustainable habitat», please register before 20 July 2013:

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Secretariat: +41 22320
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Share your experience, submit your initiative!

Fill out the form «civil society initiatives»
before 20 July 2013.