Invitation to participate in the second part of the 2012 HIC General Assembly meeting, on Sunday September 2, 9am-3pm in Naples, Italy


Location: Naples – details of the meeting will be communicated through the HIC in Napoli blog

The Habitat International Coalition (HIC) convokes the second part of its annual General Assembly meeting, alongside other HIC meetings, the Urban Social Forum (USF 2), and the World Urban Forum (WUF 6) that will take place in Naples, Italy from August 20 to September 6, 2012. Please visit the blog for more information on these events.

We invite all HIC members who are planning to attend the above-mentioned events in Naples, to participate in the General Assembly meeting.

The first part of the General Assembly was held on June 19, alongside the People’s Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The minutes from this first meeting are available on the HIC website.

Agenda for the second part of the General Assembly meeting:

  • Welcome by the HIC President

  • Verify the Quorum

  • Approve the agenda and minutes from the General Assembly meeting in Dakar , February 2011, and review the minutes from the first part of the General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, June 2012.

  • Reporting from Regional Structures, HLRN, HIC Committees and the General Secretariat

  • Financial Statements

  • HIC Global Evaluation

– Feedback from the initial results of the survey and interviews

– Feedback from the workshops that took place from August 30 to September 1

– Debate on the future of the Coalition’s global coordination

  • Closure

Please send any proposals for motions to debate during the General Assembly to