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 Recognizing the common structural factors of the neoliberal system that lie behind the persistent and systematic violation of land and housing rights around the world, and following the decision taken by the World Assembly of Inhabitants, we have constituted the Liaison Committee and call upon all housing and land rights activists to organize and join in mass actions from 15 September through 31 October 2011 to demand genuine fulfillment of the right to housing and land for all, an immediate end to forced evictions and land grabbing, and a halt to the persecution and intimidation of activists.

Housing and land rights violations are experienced in communities at the local level on every continent, necessitating constant vigilance and preparedness to mobilize in response locally. However, coming from all corners of the world, we must also make greater efforts to unite our forces in solidarity, to build partnerships and alliances among ourselves, and speak with one voice globally.

With an aim to amplifying our individual voices through the creation of this unified global demand, we propose that you organize activities (occupations, marches, demonstrations, public forums, etc.) to express the demand for land and housing rights most appropriate for your community, and that you also draw attention to the connection between your own local actions and the broader global demand that we are making in common for housing and land rights, for the right to the city and for a decent habitat for all people, without discrimination.

The global campaign seeks to denounce all the perverse effects of the neoliberal policies that lie at the roots of the global crisis, corruption, as well as real estate and land speculation.

One simple way for you to link your local actions to the global campaign is to make use of our unifying slogan when you engage in your campaign activities locally: “Global Campaign 2011: Resistances and Alternatives for the Right to Habitat [followed by your own local slogan here]”

Besides mobilizing as part of this Global Campaign 2011 for the Right to Habitat between 15 September and 31 October 2011, you can also contribute to the construction of a more unified global movement for land and housing rights by taking the following steps:

1)    Let others around the world know about your activities by putting them on our Events Map  at

2)    Communicate and share ideas or proposals with others about land and housing rights through the website at http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

3)    Join the collective efforts to combat forced evictions, land grabbing and persecution of activist by posting information about communities facing violations of the right to habitat on the  Map of Cases at

 For more information about the Global Campaign 2011 for the Right to Habitat, please visit
The Liaison Committee:

International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI)

Habitat International Coalition (HIC)

Leaders and Organizers of Community Organizations in Asia (LOCOA)


World Assembly of Inhabitants Joint Committees