Join the National Right to Housing Network in Canada


HIC has joined this initiative with over 1,000 organizations and individuals. Thanks to it, Canada made history in 2019 and legislated the right to housing in the National Housing Strategy Act. 

This achievement was the product of over 30 years of grassroots advocacy, engagement with UN human rights bodies, court challenges, and a focused lobbying effort by individuals and communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
With a new federal government committed to the right to housing, a coalition of advocates have come together to ensure that the implementation of that legislative commitment, including the establishment of a federal Housing Advocate and Housing Council, is meaningful, effective, and opens the door to claim the right to housing.
You can join this initiative as a partner, either as an individual or organization, our group of key leaders, thinkers, experts and people with lived experience working together in a new National Right to Housing Network. The Network will officially launch on Thursday, February 6, 2020. 
The next chapter in the right to housing in Canada requires an effort that is sustainable over a longer term, involving ongoing interaction with policy makers across the federal government, engaging a broader cross section of community leaders, people with lived experience, legal experts and activists while mobilizing a politically impactful grassroots network of influence.
The National Right to Housing Network is dedicated to the meaningful implementation of the right to housing in Canada. We will do this by:
  1. Bringing together a network of civil society voices in a collective voice on the implementation of the right to housing;
  2. Working with Governments to develop Canada’s right to housing architecture;
  3. Identifying and mobilizing systemic challenges to test the right to housing in order to set precedent, address key gaps in the National Housing Strategy, and drive changes in housing policy and funding;
  4. Exploring research on the right to housing;
  5. Supporting community initiatives to secure a housing rights culture; and
  6. Expanding the right to housing to provincial, territorial, and municipal jurisdictions.
In addition to the Steering Committee (see members here), Network partners are the main body of the work. Partners receive communications on the Network’s activities, but more importantly, partners are invited to actively participate in Working Groups that drive the work of the Network.