June issue of Farming Matters and Urban Agriculture Magazine: Rural-urban linkages


Rural–urban linkages connect people in cities with people in the countryside on a daily basis. The links are tangible and include markets, migration flows, knowledge exchange, leisure and tourism, ecosystem services, food production and consumption. Experiences show that they can contribute to sustainable, fair and resilient food systems, especially in a supportive political and institutional environment.

This ‘twin’
issue of Farming Matters and Urban Agriculture Magazine, produced together by
ILEIA and the RUAF Foundation, looks at some existing experiences with
strengthened rural–urban linkages and what they teach us about improving food
systems for both consumers and agroecological farmers.

There is growing
awareness that improved rural–urban linkages are an essential element in the
necessary transition towards more sustainable and resilient food systems. This
issue shows how agroecology is a consistent thread in building stronger
connections between the rural and the urban. We see alternative marketing
arrangements and the strength of rural identities in urban contexts for
solidarity between farmers and urbanites. They show how the active engagement
of citizens, both consumers and producers, is the best way to create new
pathways towards the sustainable food systems we so urgently need.

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