Kick off of the Asia Habitat Dialogues


The Asian Habitat Dialogues is an initiave from HIC and its Member the Working People’s Coalition to cultivate a network of diverse organisations in Asia and to identify priority issues, approaches, and strategies for crafting a regional manifesto and advocacy plan. The aim of these dialogues is to foster deeper collaborations and discussions for human rights related to habitat in Asia.

The first session theme will be – Sustainable Development and Livable Territories in context of Asia: Mapping Trends and Priorities

Objectives of this session: 

  • Introduction to Asia Habitat Dialogue Process
  • To better comprehend the strategies and priorities of different organisations in Asia concerning habitat rights.

Specific objectives 

  • To gain a foundational understanding of what habitat-related rights entail within the context of Asia, including the right to adequate housing, land, water, and sanitation.
  • To identify and understand the diverse strategies and priorities employed by different organisations in Asia to address habitat-related rights, including advocacy, policy influence, community mobilisation, and legal interventions.
  • To explore the variations and commonalities in habitat-related rights issues, strategies, and priorities across different regions in Asia, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in each region.
  • To recognize the key challenges faced by organisations in advancing habitat rights in Asia, such as legal barriers, resource constraints, and socio-political contexts, and to explore opportunities for overcoming these challenges.

Join us! All the organizations and individual from the Asian context interested in Sustainable Development and Livable Cities are invited.