Launch of Electoral Process for the Europe Representative at the HIC Board for 2016-2020


Habitat International
Coalition (HIC) is pleased to announce the Launch of the Electoral Process for
the Europe Representative at the HIC Board.

The term of HIC’s Europe Representative at the Board has expired. The next
four-year term will run from October 2016 through September 2020.

The Electoral Committee in charge will guide and support the whole process
together with Marie, staff of the HIC General Secretariat.

According to HIC’s Constitution ( and By Law ( the Members should be
in good standing
with the Coalition in order to participate in this
Electoral process.

How to be a member in good standing? (Membership activation or renewal)

– Members make contributions to support the Coalition and, by doing so, get the
right to vote and to propose their Members and collaborators for elected positions.
“Contributions” are actions which allow the strengthening of HIC and
the implementation of HIC’s strategy. These contributions are divided into 5
groups (i) research and documentation, (ii) training, (iii) networking, (iv)
fund-raising, funds management and other services (logistics, administration
and legal), and (v) dues calculated according to the annual budget of the
member organization. You might download below a comprehensive list of
– A Membership Form in English, French and Spanish is downloadable below
and we are requesting you all, as European Members and European Contacts
willing to become Members, to update data filling it throughout at your
earliest convenience and send it back to
Marie at
– In case a Member is active with grassroots presence on the ground but lack
the capacity to pay dues, we encourage Members to present their cases
supporting the request with relevant documentation (starting from the filled
Membership form) and other documents that are stated in the downloadable list of
contributions that you might find below. The Member’s
contributions must be sent to
Marie at the HIC General
Secretariat. The list must be received no less than two weeks prior to the cutoff
date for the purposes of voting. The Member’s contributions assessment falls
back on the Secretariat, in coordination with the Board members and the
Reference Centres of Habitat International Coalition.

Below, you will also find a document called Guidelines HIC Europe Election 2016, which describe the rules for this election process
presented as FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) responses:

  • Who can run for the
    election and be Candidate? (Profile and Eligibility for Board
  • What is the elected
    HIC Board Members supposed to assume? (Responsibilities and tasks)
  • How long does the
    mandate last? (Duration of the mandate)
  • How to nominate
    Candidates? (Procedure for nomination)
  • How does the Nominee
    validate his/her nomination? (Confirmation of eligibility)
  • Who can vote? (Roster
    of Voters)
  • How to vote? (Means of
  • When will the process
    go on? (Steps of Procedures without deadlines)

kindly request you to read carefully all the documents and get back to
us in case you have further questions.

HIC-General Secretariat Team

Click here to download the Membership form to be filled.
Click here to download the list of Contributions to HIC.
Click here to download the Guidelines HIC Europe Election 2016.