Launch of HIC President Election process 2024-2028 – Call to volunteers for the EC


Habitat International Coalition is pleased to launch the HIC President election process.

As global representative for HIC, the President plays a very important role within HIC; hence the importance of this election process. The first mandate of the current HIC President, Adriana Allen, will expire in December 2023. The next four-year term will run from January 2024 to December 2028.

The HIC General Secretariat calls on all HIC Members to actively participate in this electoral process, including debate and exchange on suitable candidates, issuing nominations, or standing as a volunteer for the Electoral Committee.

Renew your Membership Status

We kindly remind you that, according to the HIC Bylaw, only HIC Members in good standing are entitled to nominate and to vote in any HIC election. In order to check your status on the list of HIC Members in good standing, please click here. In case your organization is not listed, or if your membership expires before December 2023, please make sure to renew it and check how to do so by clicking here.

Volunteer for the Electoral Committee (EC)

The election will be coordinated by an Electoral Committee (EC) composed of 6 volunteers and supported by the HIC General Secretariat.

Requirements to volunteer for the EC:

  • To be a HIC Member
  • Ideally 6  persons, with gender balance (3 women and 3 men) and geographical diversity (from each HIC Region: Africa, North America and Canada, Latin America and Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Middle East/North Africa)
  • Workload dedication estimated at 3 hours/week from 10 September to 27 November 2023 (11 weeks)
  • The EC working language will be chosen on the basis of the proficiency languages spoken by the volunteers
  • No member of the EC is eligible to nominate or to stand as a candidate for the HIC President Election, nor is any employee of his/her organization.

Please click here to view a proposed timeline of the Electoral Process. This document, prepared by the GS should be considered as an orientation to facilitate the EC’s task.

You are cordially invited to volunteer for the EC. If you are willing to join the EC, please send an email to before 10 September 2023.

Click here to read the text in Arabic: Launch of HIC President Election process 2024-2028

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