Leadership Development Opportunity: “Explorers’ Journey for systemic change”


You have been telling
yourself and everyone that the world needs to change, but still you feel that
you need a louder voice…

think that in times of systemic crises activism needs to radically change…

believe that only a holistic and cross sectorial approach is able to turn the
world into a better place, but haven’t yet found the right place and moment to
shape or experiment new strategies and actions…

We have an invitation for you! Together, DEEEP/CONCORD DARE ForumDevelopment
 and Smart CSOs Lab developed the “Explorers’ Journey for Systemic Change: tackling root causes“, a transformative learning cycle which will allow you
to explore:

  • How
    can activism/civil society contribute to a shift in current worldviews and
    values beyond consumerism and self-interest?
  • How
    can we get involved in the exciting innovation process of creating the new
    system / economy?
  • How
    can we create cross-sectorial movements that build real momentum for
    system change?
  • How
    can we change our own organisations to become fit for system change?


The learning cycle will last 7 months between
online engagement (webinars/tutoring/forum discussions etc.) and physical
meetings. For more details, click on the timeline.
It will be an inspirational learning journey which
requires your strong motivation but,at the same time, will allow you to
develop in-depth changes for your own practices. You will find the details
about the course (including learning methods) in the
program outline

In order to apply you need to be over 18 years old, demonstrate
availability to participate in the entire cycle and to have a clear mandate
from your organization, movement or network. Places are limited to 50 participants who
will be selected following the criteria outlined in the program.
A variable participation fee will be
requested as a contribution for the organisation of the course. A travel grant
will be available for participants who might need it.

Do you want to jump on this unique opportunity? Register here until
30th of June!

If you have any questions concerning the cycle, please contact Luciana Almeida

Hope to have you on board!

Join us