Letter of Solidarity with the People of Gaza from the World March of Women


For several days, the Israeli army has intensified bombings and incursions
into the Palestinian territory of the Gaza strip, causing the death of several
Palestinian civilians, including children.

The World March of Women condemns the targeted killings and attacks against
the besieged population of Gaza.

The World March of Women calls on the international community to press for
the cessation of this wave of
deadly violence, and for the immediate lifting of the Israeli blockade of the
Gaza Strip.

The Israeli government moved one step further by murdering Ahmad Jabbari,
the head of the armed wing of Hamas.

Today, the Israeli state has officially announced and resumed its military
operations against Gaza, afflicting the people of Gaza, subject to an illegal
and inhumane blockade since 2007, with new bombings, deaths and destruction.
This leads to retaliations also affecting Israeli civilians.

We deplore all civilian casualties, but we consider that, by breaking the
ceasefire and starting hostilities, the State of Israel bears responsibility.

No one has forgotten the massacres perpetrated by the same Israeli army
during the operation “Cast Lead” in 2008-2009, resulting in the death
of nearly 1,500 Palestinians and that the same excuses were put forward by the
Israeli government to justify this murderous attack. It was, as today, the eve
of elections in Israel. And as in 2008, the attacks of the Israeli army carry
on today despite a cease-fire agreement achieved through Egyptian mediation,
and respected by the Palestinians until the assassination of the head of Hamas.

Binyamin Netanyahu, who has announced his party’s alliance with Avigdor
Lieberman’s, the leader of the far-right, is clearly using this attack against
the Gaza Strip for electoral purposes.

Also, this government has systematically worked towards wrecking the
Palestinian initiative at the UN. It asserts clearly and unequivocally its
desire to overthrow the Palestinian Authority andeven to wipe out its
leadership if Palestine becomes a UN member.

Preserving the chances of peace goes hand in hand with the international
community bringing Israel’s impunity to an end. This involves sanctions and not
occupation premiums, as done by the European Union and the USA and its allies.

We are pursuing our work towards solidarity during the Social Forum Free
Palestine, which will take place in Porto Alegre from November 28 to December
1, and on December 10 during our 24 hours of feminist action.

International Committee – World March of Women

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