Listen to a valuable cross–regional learning to strengthen our advocacy muscle: the new HIC podcasts series on land rights


Over a year ago,  through a facilitated mutual-learning process, HIC Members came together to exchange knowledge and experiences towards advocacy on the human rights dimensions of land and its realization across rural/urban territories, beyond traditional focus on private property. At the heart of the co-learning process is critical pedagogy that encourages the collaborative and social nature of learning, enhances communication, critical consciousness and collective ways of thinking & doing amongst HIC members and allies The participants of this co-learning space helped with their interventions to build a strategy against colonialism, land concentration, violent evictions and habitat destruction.

Now all these experiences and learnings will be available on a podcast series that will be released during June 2023, to engage more people in this learning journey.

This podcast series on land rights is a great opportunity to learn from other networks and organisations in HIC from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa regions to build social force and develop a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities for advocating a human right to land.

Stay tuned every week! 

Video: HIC highlights in 2023

Video: HIC highlights in 2023

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