Looking for Good Projects : 2005-2006


Souce: SELAVIP, Servicio Latinoamericano, Asiatico y Africano de Vivienda Popular

SELAVIP is a private foundation that supports housing projects for very poor families who lack a shelter. Our focus is on “extreme social emergency”, that is, people who dwell in very precarious and unsafe conditions, on lands easily flooded, on steep and dangerous slopes. In order to find a place to dwell, they may be forced to occupy urban land, suffering with danger of being evicted. Others have no other alternative than to live as “unwelcome guests” in the homes of other families, in crowded conditions and lacking the minimal privacy needed to preserve sound family bonds. Under such harsh conditions, it is just about impossible for the very poor to even dream of meeting the requirements to participate in public or private housing programs. The aim of SELAVIP is to finance projects that help these families that do not “fit” into existing schemes of conventional public or private support.

SELAVIP does not act directly on site, but rather assists entities that work with the poor and have already acquired some experience, organizational resources and technical skills, to develop projects that comply with the following criteria:

  • projects should be of truly “social boldness”, which means a creative way of addressing the housing problems of the poorest by providing basic shelter (not above US$ 500 per family);
  • initiatives that can start a process of sustainable social development of those households and slums that have not received substantial help before, instead of further improving housing that has already reached some level of consolidation. Preference is given, for example, to actions that facilitate access to urban land by the poor, so they can start building their homes, and projects that prevent evictions.
  • Our help should not “facilitate the job” of governments and private entities as to their responsibilities to provide shelter to the poor of their countries. On the contrary, we want to force society to face and solve the problems of the poor. For example, if a project of SELAVIP hands over $US 300 to a family to build a basic shelter, it is expected that the respective government should spend many times more providing urban and basic services, and that private groups join the project complementing the seed fund with additional resources.

Each year in August, we analyze projects that NGOs and CBOs send from all over the world. Those projects that comply with our central focus are presented to the SELAVIP Board Meeting in November, to select those that will be financed in 2005. We invite you all to prepare creative and audacious projects, and send them by mail before August 15.


  • Max. amount: US$ 60.000 per project.
  • Basic shelter for very vulnerable households: US$ 300-500 per family.
  • We do not finance operational costs of projects.
  • Hopefully, our help should promote the collaboration of other public or private entities, thus increasing the positive social impact of the project.

We are attaching a form to be completed and sent to our mail selavip@hogardecristo.cl before August 15, to be considered in our 2005 Program. Please let us know if you need additional information.



Country/region :
Project title :
Organization in charge :
Person in charge of project : (e-mail or fax)
Funds needed (SELAVIP) : US$
Cofinancement: : US$)
Total cost of project US$)


Briefly explain housing problems to be solved and their context. Also describe how this project relates to other areas or activities of the institution that will implement the project, and to other important issues in the housing and/or social sector in the country. Define how the project focuses on the main concern of SELAVIP, as stated before. Also mention how you plan to combine the funds provided by SELAVIP with other funds or resources to make the project sustainable.


Brief description of main goals and activities planned to achieve them. An estimate of costs per item and other sources of financement that will also contribute to the project. Also describe experiencie, technical staff and basic facilities of the organization in charge of implementing the project.


Describe problems that could occur before, during or after the implementation of this project that could hinder its success, and how you plan to solve them .


Please provide any additional information that you consider important to understand this project. Do not forget to include the address, phone, fax and e mail of the institution and person in charge, so SELAVIP can contact them if more information is needed. You could also advance complete information about the banking route to transfer funds, in case of approval (bank, address, phone and fax, account nº, holder, swift code, etc.).

If you have any doubts as to this outline, contact

Joan Mac Donald
Phone 56-2-2272422
Fax 56-2-2741828