Makan, Adalah’s Journal for Land, Planning and Justice


"Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel is honored to present the first volume of the journal Makan (“Place” in Arabic). To be published periodically in three languages – Arabic, Hebrew and English – the journal was conceived of upon the recognition of the collective power that can be realized through joint efforts of judicial, legislative and planning systems to create a space that provides for the needs of different population groups. Such systems, it should be noted, however, are also capable of creating a space that is insensitive to the social differences which exist between various groups, and of ensuring and maintaining the power that controls and discriminates against minorities and weaker populations.

(…) The articles in the first section of this volume of Makan present discussions of the right to the city based upon the urban spatial experiences of different groups in a number of cities in Israel, and London. The volume opens with an article written by Yosef Jabareen – “The Right to the City: The Case of the Shihab el-Din Crisis in Nazareth.” Jabareen examines the concept of “the right to the city” at the theoretical level (…)".

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