New Representative to the Board for Women and/or Feminist movements: Mrs Zaida Muxi


The HIC Board is pleased to share with you the appointment of the new Representative to the Board for Women and/or Feminist movements, Mrs Zaida Muxi who is based in Mexico.

As you know this is a global position with the mandate to represent and network Women and/or Feminist movements globally. Unlike Regional Representatives who are elected by HIC Members, the HIC Board also has three seats that are filled by Global Representatives, who can originate from any region in HIC. One of these global seats is reserved for Women and/or Feminist Movements. In order to enhance gender balance and representation on the HIC Board, the Board chose to specifically invite women Candidates. For more background you can view the call for candidates here.

After a carefully considered process, the Board appointed Mrs Zaida Muxi due to her rootedness and wide-spanning involvement in women and feminists movements as well as in global networks. The HIC Board thanks the candidates for their time and commitment throughout the appointment process.

Thanks to Ana Falu for her time and commitment

Zaida Muxi will replace Mrs Ana Falú, the previous Representative, who has completed her 4 years term, supporting the HIC Board with great enthusiasm and deep commitment, crafting plans to build in HIC the presence, priorities, network and voices of women and feminist movements across the world. If you would like to connect with Zaida or the HIC Board, please contact the General Secretariat at

We will all dearly miss Ana and wish Zaida a warm welcome!