Open letter to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa Delgado


December 17, 2014

Constitutional President of Ecuador

Rafael Correa Delgado

Those of us who sign this letter were surprised with the news that the government of Ecuador decided to revoke the 1991 agreement that loaned the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) the use of their building. In our view it is clear that the reasons given (the use of the premises for the rehabilitation of young people with addiction problems) are not satisfactory: a state such as Ecuador has many places better suited for such tasks. The measure is unjustified.

More than an act of retaliation, this move is disrespectful to the memory and history of an organization to which Ecuador is in debt for its democratic struggles that has led to extraordinarily profound and positive social change. More than an administrative act without political intent, it provides very disturbing evidence of sectarianism.
More than an isolated act, it is the latest incident in a series of episodes of intolerance towards criticism from different and varied social movements.

In our opinion, your government does not need such outbursts and it loses moral authority when it acts with such an assertion of force and intimidation. It is not late to rectify this action. It would be a courageous act of political wisdom and generosity on your part if you recognized the historical liberating deeds of the largest organization of Indigenous peoples and nationalities of Ecuador. The peoples of the Americas and the progressive forces of the entire world will not forget that glorious history. You should not ignore it either.